Material Sorting Machine

WT-682M Material Sorting Machine

Suitable for online 100% NDT of rollers, bearing rings, etc. With multi-frequency mixing technology to select and separate different materials.

Main features

  1. Using multi-frequency mixing technology
  2. 15 inch LCD touch screen.
  3. Frequency range: 100Hz-9.9MHz. Suitable for all kinds of metals.
  4. Sensitives: 12-70dB,
  5. Upper limit and lower limit are free setting. Auto kick out of NG parts.
  6. No damage after detection.
  7. Statistics total number, qualified number, qualified rate, etc.
  8. Power: ~220V ± 10%
  9. Working environment: Temperature: -5ºC-60º Humidity: 10%-90% RH.
  10. Auto numbering.
  11. Automatic save detection data and replay.

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