WT-802 Rotating Eddy Current Flaw Detector

WT-802 Rotating Eddy Current Flaw Detector using advanced eddy current and microcomputer control technology. Integrated eddy current flaw detector, probe and rotating motor in one. It’s much easier to operate, setup and maintenance. It’s the perfect machine to detect flaw on surface of metal bars, wires and seamless tube.

Detecting range: ∅3mm ~ ∅5mm.

Main features:

  1. Using two differential point probes.
  2. Detection sensitivity: >05mm depth, >2mm length.
  3. Detection speed: <10m/min.
  4. Frequency range: 100Hz – 10MHz.
  5. Sampling speed: 4 × 25000/s
  6. Gain: 12 – 70dB.
  7. Phase: 0 – 360°.
  8. Using industrial computer and Windows flaw detector software.
  9. No damage after detection.
  10. Power: <600W(220V).