Joint Detection Machine

WT-06 Joint Detection Machine

Convenient and small machine. Adjustable sensitive. Suitable for joint detection of metal welded pipes.

Main features.

  • Small enough to place on anywhere of production line.
  • Sensitive is adjustable. Suitable for almost every joint detection.
  • 24V control signal output.
Joint Detection Machine

WT-08 Joint Detection Machine

Smarter and higher sensitive joint detection machine.

Main features

  1. Suitable for automatic online joint detection of pipes and wires.
  2. Automatic set filtering by speed of production line.
  3. Automatic save detection data and replay.
  4. 15-inch LCD touch screen.
  5. Frequency range: 100Hz-1MHz. Suitable for all kinds of metals.
  6. Sensitives: 12-70dB.
  7. Automatic detect head & end.
  8. Alarm delay function.
  9. Marking delay function.
  10. Automatic save detection data and replay.
  11. Fast analog/digital electrical auto-balance.
  12. Fit all kinds of probes: out-through, rotating, etc.
  13. Dimension: 420mm×306mm×80mm.