Eddy Current Flaw Detector

WT-618 Eddy Current Flaw Detector

WT-618 eddy current flaw detector is specially design for taper roller, spherical roller and other axisymmetric parts. Suitable for 100% online detection of nonstandard bearings.

Main features:

  1. Using eight point-differential probes.
  2. Detection sensitivity: ≥0.05mm length, ≥2mm depth cracks.
  3. Detection area: ID and end face.
  4. Detection range:(Ф12mm~Ф50mm) axisymmetric parts.
  5. Speed: 2 secs/piece.
  6. Detection speed 6. Frequency range: 100Hz-1MHz set as need.
  7. Sampling speed: 16×2500/s
  8. Gain: 12-70db.
  9. Phase: 0°- 360°.
  10. Using industrial computer
  11. Automatic loading, selecting, counting and unloading.
  12. No damage after detection.
  13. Power: ≤400W(220V).

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