Eddy Current Flaw Detector

WT-182 Eddy Current Flaw Detector

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Adapting industrial cabinet, suitable for production line and other harsh environments.
  2. Frequency range: 100Hz-2MHz set as need, suitable for any metallic material.
  3. Magnification: 0-70db, step for 0.1db.
  4. Phase: 0°- 360°, step for 1°
  5. Two independent optional frequency.
  6. Automatic phase, amplitude analysis.
  7. Automatic zero system: Zero intervals can be set.
  8. Three different style of alarm area, and can be applied to any modes.
  9. Cut start and end signal function.
  10. Auto-screen/tracking impedance showed, and can be set interval or cancel.
  11. Automatic delay alarm system, and delay time can be set.
  12. Automatic delay marking system, and delay time can be set.
  13. Replay testing signal and two-way access, can automatic save this in hard disk, and you can burn a disc for permanent preservation.
  14. Perfect documents process function, and customized production of standard parameters.
  15. Automatic high-speed analog/digital electronic equilibrium.
  16. Allocate every probe: Out-through probe, rotational-scan probe, etc.
  17. Suitable for online quality testing of metal pipe and bar manufacturers.

System applicable standards:

  • China: GB/T 14480–93, GB/T 7735—98

GB/T 5248–98, GB/T 5126—2001

GB/T 12969.2, GB/T 11260–96

  • Japan: JISH 0502
  • S.A: ASTM-E 243–97
  • Germany: DIN 54141


  • Online nondestructive testing on copper tube, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, welded pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, steel wire, bimetallic tube, optical cable, alclad steel wire, aluminum wire and metal bar production-line
  • Nondestructive testing on oil casing, sucker rod, hollow shaft, etc.
  • Nondestructive testing on condenser tube, air conditioner pipe, automobile oil pipe, etc.
  • Nondestructive testing on various kinds of metal pipe, bar, wire, etc.

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